Bow Of Justice 2


Alyas Robin Hood 2


Just when he thinks the worst is over, Pepe again faces an even more challenging battle against the evils of society and against his inner demons.


A new menacing group known as the Blood Brotherhood rises to take over the city and spread terror. They kidnap Emilio Albano, a real-estate magnate and hold the city hall hostage in exchange for ransom. As it happens, Pepe is in the building and so is his mother, Judy. They are trapped in the city hall during the siege. Pepe plans an escape to save everyone. But as he is leading people out of the building, it explodes with his mother still in the building.


Pepe is injured in the blast and is heartbroken for not being able to save his mother. He seeks refuge in the mountains in the company of a group of natives known as Aetas. He has lost his will to live and to recover. A mystic healer helps him strengthen his resolve saying that even heroes fall but only those who rise from the ashes go on to fulfill their destinies.


Pepe later discovers that the city hall siege was a charade planned by no less than Emilio Albano who is actually the leader of the Blood Brotherhood. He now runs the city, spawning all sorts of corruption and abuses. Pepe’s mother also survived the explosion and is being held captive by Emilio. Using his limp as a cover, and a cane that transforms into a bow and arrow, Pepe must revive his alter ego Alias Robin Hood to rescue his mother and fight injustices in the city.


40 x 45′


Drama, Adventure




Male and Female Teens, Adults




4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 3

Dingdong Dantes

as Atty. Jose Paulo/ ``Pepe``/Alyas Robin Hood
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 2

Andrea Torres

as Venus Torralba/Felicidad/Marla/Aphrodite Mendoza
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 4

Jaclyn Jose

as Kapitana Judy de Jesus/Lola SadAko/Victorina Deogracia y Villadolid
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 1

Edu Manzano

as Governor Emilio Albano

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