I Can See You Season 1


I Can See You Season 1


I Can See You is an anthology of thrilling stories that use a common visual storytelling device – a camera (drone, cellphone, CCTV, etc.) as the silent witnesses to tales of love and mystery. The stories bring into play how human curiosity compels people to observe others through a lens, and how cameras often capture moments that our eyes fail to see.


Love on the Balcony

The story is set amidst the nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic. Gio, a videographer, meets frontline nurse, Lea in a not-so-pleasant first encounter. Gio unintentionally flies his drone onto Lea’s balcony while she is dressing, making her think he is a pervert. Fortunately, the misunderstanding is cleared and they become friends. As their friendship develops into a romance, Lea learns a secret about Gio’s family that may affect their relationship.


The Promise

After losing his wife Clarisse in an accident, Frank becomes a recluse. He lives a solitary life in a lake house and tries to heal his pain. One day, Frank’s cousin, Jude pays him a visit and brings his girlfriend, Ivy. Frank is mysteriously drawn to Ivy. She displays similar characteristics to Clarisse. Frank is puzzled until Ivy reveals that she is possessed by Clarisse’s spirit.


High-Rise Lovers

Samantha and Luis’ married life wanes as their differing goals in life tear them apart. Samantha focuses on work and on being promoted. Luis, an unemployed contractor, is forced to accept a renovation job from a neighboring unit owned by the mysterious and sultry Ysabel. As Luis and Ysabel become close, he and Samantha become more distant. Will Luis give in to the temptation of entering into an illicit relationship and will Samantha realize that their marriage is still worth saving?



After being cyber bullied because of a scandalous affair with a married man, Coleen moves out of the city and begins a new life working in a remote resort. There, she meets Drew, the resort’s resident IT guy. Drew is a gentleman, and is always available whenever Coleen needs help. Drew’s comforting presence in Coleen’s life makes her fall in love again. Coleen thinks all is well until her best friend-turned-enemy, Abby, shows up at the resort. Coleen’s past begins to haunt her again. Strange events start happening around her and she is almost sure that Abby is behind them – but is she really?


20 x 30′


Drama, Anthology




Male and Female Adults




Sanya Lopez
Sanya Lopez

as Melody Reyes

Nagkaroon ng Achondroplasia kaya siya naging maliit kahit normal ang laki ng kanyang mga magulang. Siya ay madiskarte sa buhay, positibo mag-isip at mabait na anak. Siya ang ina nina Natalie at Maila.

Gabby Concepcion
Gabby Concepcion

as Natalie

Masungit, spoiled brat, at mapagmataas; Siya ay anak ni Onay kay Elvin pero lumaki siya sa poder ng ina ng kanyang ama na si Helena at ito ang kinikilala niyang ina.

Pancho Magno
Pancho Magno

as Helena

Ina ni Elvin at lola ni Natalie; Siya ay dating beauty queen na nakapagtrabaho sa France bilang fashion editor. Ikinahihiya niya si Onay dahil sa kapansanan nito.

Maxine Medina
Maxine Medina

as Lucas

Siya ang ama ni Maila na bunga ng panggagahasa niya kay Onay. Siya ay galing sa mayamang pamilya at puro bisyo lang ang inaatupag.

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