A Woman Scorned


Ika-6 Na Utos


Rome and Emma’s marriage is seemingly a perfect one. But as in any relationship, problems arise that place it in jeopardy. Emma is a loving housewife and devoted mother to her son Austin. After some years of managing the household and constantly being busy, she begins to neglect her appearance and her time for her husband as well. In contrast, Rome, a pilot, widens his circle of friends. He is envious of his peers whose wives take good care of their appearance and who always accompany their husbands in social gatherings.

One day Rome crosses paths with Georgia, Emma’s old friend who just returned from abroad. She is a successful career woman. She is also very pretty and is the life of the party. She flirts with Rome and they eventually fall in love and have an affair. However, when Emma discovers the affair and confronts the two, Rome chooses to stay with Georgia. He abandons Emma and even takes Austin with him. Emma is devastated by what transpires and is left to pick up the pieces. Soon after, Rome, Georgia and Austin leave for abroad and start a new life.


After a few years, Rome, Georgia and Austin return. By this time Emma has recovered from her heartbreak and has reinvented herself into a beautiful and successful business woman. She learns about their arrival and devices a plan to get her family back. Now the tables have turned and the wife is now the mistress and vice versa. When Emma and Rome cross paths, he is stunned by her transformation. Rome realizes his mistake and plans to return to Emma. But Georgia has other plans and will not allow Rome to return to his ex-wife. Will Emma ever get her family back?


140 x 45′






Male and Female Adults




Sunshine Dizon
Sunshine Dizon
as Emma


Emma reinvents herself when her husband Rome leaves her for Georgia and takes their son with him. With a new disposition in life and love, will Emma still get her family back?

Gabby Concepcion
Gabby Concepcion
as Rome


Rome is a reputable pilot who has an affair with Georgia. After meeting the new Emma, he realizes his mistakes and plans to return to her. Will he be able to convince Emma to take him back?

Ryza Cenon
Ryza Cenon
as Georgia


Georgia is envious of Emma and Rome’s marriage. She successfully seduces him into having an affair with her. But when Emma resurfaces, Rome’s feelings for Emma returns. How far is she willing to go to keep her affair with Rome?

Mike Tan
Mike Tan
as Angelo Trinidad

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