Poor Señorita


Poor Señorita


Rita Villones is the sole heiress to her family’s fortune. Her mother passed away when she was young, leaving her father, Daniel and aunt Deborah to manage the company. Several years later, her father is diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer and passes away.


Now an orphan, Rita works very hard to manage the business her father left her. However, her aunt Deborah and some investors have other plans. They secretly conspire to steal money and assets from the company. Eventually, Rita notices that the company is steadily losing money. To remedy this, she set unreasonable workloads and impossible demands which make all her employees dislike her.


To add to her problems, the doctor informs Rita that she has cancer and she has only three months to live. Devastated and having lost her will to live, Rita bequeaths her riches and her company to her aunt Deborah. She also donates a large portion of her remaining assets to charity.


Rita goes into a state of depression because of all her troubles. She hires an assassin to end her life. However, after doing so, she learns that she was misdiagnosed by her doctor and that she does not have cancer. Furthermore, she finds out that her business is being sabotaged by someone from the inside.


Rita resolves to reclaim her former life. But without her wealth and resources, how will she survive now that she is being hunted down by a hit-man who is in league with the people who stole from her?


42 x 45′






Male and Female Teens, Adults




4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 3

Regine Velasquez

as Rita Villon
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 2

Jillian Ward

as Charisse
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 4

Mikael Daez

as Paeng
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 1

Sheena Halili

as Maika Ramirez Villon

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