My Secret Love


Magkaibang Mundo


Princess might be born from a well-sheltered and loving family which owns a shoe manufacturing business, but her parents Ruben and Amanda makes sure she grows up humble, generous and kind to everybody she meets. Until her picture-perfect life takes a turn when a tragedy happens.


Ruben dies trying to save his sister, Noreen, from a fire that consumed their house. Amanda becomes depressed, having a hard time recovering from their loss. All of their properties are transferred under Noreen’s name as the eldest child of their family. Together with her husband, Jojo and two mischievous daughters, Analyn and Sofie, Noreen pushes Amanda and Princess out of their own home.


A lonely child since then, Princess meets and finds comfort in an adventurous elf named Elfino. Their friendship develops and he uses his magic to protect Princess every time she is bullied by her cousins.


Amanda finds out the truth that Noreen intentionally left Ruben trapped inside the burning house for the opportunity of getting all of his family’s wealth. Jojo frames Amanda when he accidentally shoots an innocent family friend upon confrontation, which led to her arrest.


Since then, Elfino escapes their kingdom to protect Princess from all of the hardships she encounters due to Noreen’s family.


How is Princess going to survive being mistreated by the family that ruined hers?


40 x 45′


Drama, Fantasy-Adventure




Male and Female Teens, Adults




4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 3

Louise delos Reyes

as Princess ”Pepay” Sandoval-Cruz
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 2

Juancho Trivino

as Elfino / Ellias ``Inoy`` Cruz
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 4

Assunta De Rossi

as Amanda ``Felly`` Santos-Sandoval
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 1

Gina Alajar

as Noreen Sandoval-Perez

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