My Superstar


That’s My Amboy


Maru is a young IT graduate who is fascinated with the idea of working in television. Her stepfather, Lito, is a stuntman and she visits him frequently when he is working on set or on location. But one day, Lito is injured during a stunt because of another actor’s carelessness. As a result, he is unable to continue working which places his family in a difficult financial situation.


This is where Maru meets Bryan Harrison, the grumpy young actor involved in her stepfather’s accident. Feeling responsible for the mishap and intending to help, Bryan’s manager offers Maru a job as Bryan’s personal assistant. She takes the job despite rumors of Bryan’s bad temperament.


Conflict arises when a controversial photo surfaces. It is a photo of Bryan kissing an unidentified girl. This spells disaster because the girl in the picture is Trina, Bryan’s secret girlfriend. Trina is an actress as well and has a current on-screen love tandem with Patrick. To protect both of their on-screen images, Bryan begs Maru to pose as his non-showbiz girlfriend. In exchange, he promised to increase her salary.


However, in the middle of pretending to be in a relationship, Bryan and Maru really fall in love. To complicate matters, Trina publicly announces her relationship with Bryan for fear of losing him to Maru. What will happen next to the young lovers?


36 x 45′


Drama, Romantic-Comedy




Male and Female Teens, Adults




4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 3

Barbie Forteza

as Maru
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 2

Andre Paras

as Bryan
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 4

John Arcilla

as Joselito ``Lito`` Tapang
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 1

Tonton Gutierrez

as Albert Romero

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