Someone To Watch Over Me


Someone To Watch Over Me


After being heartbroken many times, Joanna almost loses all hope of loving someone else. But one day, while visiting the historic city of Vigan, she meets TJ and falls in love again. The couple’s whirlwind romance leads immediately to marriage. They become even happier when Joanna gives birth to a healthy baby boy.


Their marriage progresses perfectly, however, TJ begins to exhibit sporadic memory loss and disorientation. After some time his episodes become worse and he begins to lose things. One time, TJ even forgets to bring the baby home with him after shopping for groceries. Then one day, without warning, TJ starts looking for his ex-girlfriend, Irene. This is the final straw for Joanna so they decide to seek professional help. After a battery of tests, TJ’s doctor reveals that he is afflicted with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Things take a turn for the worse when TJ ceases to recognize his family and tracks Irene down and live with her instead.


Although the situation becomes very difficult, Joanna accepts her husband’s fate and endures. She continues to care for him. But how long can she bear the pain of watching her husband lose his memory while loving another woman? Will her love ever be enough?


45 x 45′


Drama, Romance




Male and Female Adults




Tom Rodriguez
Tom Rodriguez
as TJ Chavez


Teodoro Jose, a man in his late 20’s, comes from an upper middle class family, loves photography and drawing, has a degree in Banking and Finance, and currently working as an officer in a major bank chain.
TJ is your seize the day guy. He lives by his mantra “YOLO” - “You only live once” - and enjoys life as much as he can. His philosophy in life is partly a result of his mother’s death due to pneumonia, and he saw for himself how short life really is.

Very handsome and smart - a lethal combination - TJ knows he can get what he wants by using his charm. He grabs every chance he gets if it means his happiness. He is an extrovert by nature - he loves being with his friends and joking around with them. TJ is very outgoing, and loves nature so much that he spends a lot of his time doing outdoor activities. When he’s on one of his little escapades, he tends to forget everything else. He treats life - and love - as an adventure.

Lovi Poe
Lovi Poe
as Joanna Mercado


A woman in her late 20’s, comes from a middle class family, loves to read, a graduate of History, and currently working as a concierge at a hotel in Vigan.
Joanna is your typical girl next door. She might not be deemed beautiful by the world’s standards, but she has a naturally attractive face you won’t get tired of. She hardly wears makeup and her go to outfit is comfortable shirts and jeans, but what she might lack in outer beauty, she more than makes up for with her warm personality. Being shy and an introvert, Joanna is sometimes misunderstood by people not close to her but her family and friends know that she’s a smart and kindhearted girl.

Max Collins
Max Collins
as Irene Montenegro


A woman in her late 20’s, comes from a rich family, very chic and fashionable, loves shopping, a Business Management graduate and currently running her family’s furniture designing business, and also venturing into designing bags using raw materials locally sourced from the Philippines.


Irene is a very filial daughter, especially to her father. She believes that her dad knows what’s best for her. She obeys everything her parents say and strictly follows the conventions of the world she’s living in - being always prim and proper - even as she finds the lifestyle they have boring. She firmly believes that practicality, fairness, and being true to yourself is what’s important. Growing up, Irene dreamed that one day, a man will sweep her off her feet and bring her to “adventure land”.

Edu Manzano
Edu Manzano
as Gregor “Buddy” Chavez

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