Until We Meet Again


Hanggang Makita Kang Muli


Evelyn and Larry are a happily married couple. Their daughter Ana is a lovely child and the source of all their joy. One day Ana disappears without a trace. The couple search tirelessly for weeks but it was futile. Devastated by Ana’s disappearance, Evelyn and Larry blame each other for what happened and they eventually separate.


They are unaware that it was Odessa, a woman obsessed with Larry, who kidnapped Ana. Her purpose was to steal Larry from his wife. Odessa hides Ana in a barn deep in the woods where nobody will find her. During her captivity, Ana is isolated from any human interaction. As a result, she never learns to communicate and does not know how to love or feel compassion. Her social and cognitive skills never develop.


One day, when Ana was about eighteen, she manages to escape from the barn. As she stumbles out of the woods, she encounters Calvin, a young Psychology major. Fearing the stranger, Ana runs away but accidentally falls off a cliff. Calvin rescues Ana and takes her home. Calvin is intrigued by Ana’s peculiar character and makes her the case study for his thesis. In the process he teaches Ana about the world and helps her gain her humanity. Can Ana still live a normal life? Will she ever be reunited with her family?


42 x 45′






Male and Female Teens, Adults




4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 3

Bea Binene

as Ana Isabelle Medrano
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 2

Derrick Monasterio

as Calvin Manahan
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 4

Raymart Santiago

as Larry Medrano
4 GWI_Show_Details_Cast- BOW OF JUSTICE 2 1

Angelika Dela Cruz

as Evelyn Esguerra Mendrano

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